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Feeling stagnant in your current job? Here are five immediate action steps you can take to position yourself for that exciting job promotion.

1. Be sociable and network.

People who are frequently promoted are often the well-liked and more social of the bunch. Have you been passed up for a promotion at work only to find that the person who landed the role was Social Committee leader, Susan, from down the hall? She doesn’t even have the perfect credentials! Pffft.

Hiring managers will promote those that they know and trust. They want to know what kind of behavior to expect from their employees. Let your manager get to know you on a different level by attending office events, networking without hesitation, and joining the team for lunch from time to time. Companies are all about making personal connections these days. So, get out there and put your confident face forward.

2. Educate yourself.

If you are feeling dormant in your role and are hoping to move into a more prominent position within your company, consider strengthening and diversifying your skill set. Have a meeting with your direct supervisor and ask them where they see a void in your experience, or where they would like you to step up. You can find an incredible amount of online resources including self-led courses in project management, sales excellence, public speaking, presentation skills, and more. Many of these courses are also free! Yes, you may have a completed degree, but that doesn’t have to be your end game.

An excellent resource to start is Udemy. Even Harvard offers free online courses. Are you an iPhone user? Download the free iTunes U app here.

3. Radiate positivity.

Nobody likes a party pooper. Nobody. Today’s leaders are often seen as positive and energetic free thinkers who see the glass half full. Or heck – full! Why be glum, chum? That chip on your shoulder isn’t going to get you anywhere. A positive mentality is a contagious thing. By radiating sunshine out of your cubicle, you are sending a message to your managers that you are someone who could handle anything that comes your way.

Positive people are stronger leaders because others are drawn to them. A positive mind is always respected. Make others want to be like you, and be around you, by projecting a positive mindset. With positivity on your side, you’re a force to be reckoned with!

4. Ask for help.

I’ll avoid cheesy acronyms on teamwork as I’m sure you’ve been exposed to enough of those. Asking for help, when you need it, is not a sign of weakness. In fact – to the right manager, it will show them your strength and character.

The ability to ask for assistance is a reflection of maturity. You know that you are coming up short on an area of knowledge, and you know where to find the answer. In the eyes of a manager, this makes you resourceful and collaborative.

5. Ask for more work.

Whaaaaaat? Yes, you read that correctly. The more comprehensive work scope you can handle, the better. The more graciously you handle it, the more you become that champion employee your manager wants! Working overtime is par for the course when you are building your career. The sooner you can accept that, and embrace it, the faster you will advance your career.

The perfect mix of knowledge, positivity, and willingness to work your butt off is key to gaining the attention of your manager. Take these 5 action steps and, the next time an opportunity for a promotion presents itself, you will be more than ready!

Lastly, don’t forget the most important part. Ask. Simply ask for the promotion. It will be crazy tough to say no to you because you’re such an outstanding employee.