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Get The Promotion. 5 Fast Action Steps

Feeling stagnant in your current job? Here are five immediate action steps you can take to position yourself for that exciting job promotion.

1. Be sociable and network.

People who are frequently promoted are often the well-liked and more social of the bunch. Have you been passed up for a promotion at work only to find that the person who landed the role was Social Committee leader, Susan, from down the hall? She doesn’t even have the perfect credentials! Pffft.

Hiring managers will promote those that they know and trust. They want to know what kind of behavior to expect from their employees. Let your manager get to know you on a different level by attending office events, networking without hesitation, and joining the team for lunch from time to time. Companies are all about making personal connections these days. So, get out there and put your confident face forward.

2. Educate yourself.

If you are feeling dormant in your role and are hoping to move into a more prominent position within your company, consider strengthening and diversifying your skill set. Have a meeting with your direct supervisor and ask them where they see a void in your experience, or where they would like you to step up. You can find an incredible amount of online resources including self-led courses in project management, sales excellence, public speaking, presentation skills, and more. Many of these courses are also free! Yes, you may have a completed degree, but that doesn’t have to be your end game.

An excellent resource to start is Udemy. Even Harvard offers free online courses. Are you an iPhone user? Download the free iTunes U app here.

3. Radiate positivity.

Nobody likes a party pooper. Nobody. Today’s leaders are often seen as positive and energetic free thinkers who see the glass half full. Or heck – full! Why be glum, chum? That chip on your shoulder isn’t going to get you anywhere. A positive mentality is a contagious thing. By radiating sunshine out of your cubicle, you are sending a message to your managers that you are someone who could handle anything that comes your way.

Positive people are stronger leaders because others are drawn to them. A positive mind is always respected. Make others want to be like you, and be around you, by projecting a positive mindset. With positivity on your side, you’re a force to be reckoned with!

4. Ask for help.

I’ll avoid cheesy acronyms on teamwork as I’m sure you’ve been exposed to enough of those. Asking for help, when you need it, is not a sign of weakness. In fact – to the right manager, it will show them your strength and character.

The ability to ask for assistance is a reflection of maturity. You know that you are coming up short on an area of knowledge, and you know where to find the answer. In the eyes of a manager, this makes you resourceful and collaborative.

5. Ask for more work.

Whaaaaaat? Yes, you read that correctly. The more comprehensive work scope you can handle, the better. The more graciously you handle it, the more you become that champion employee your manager wants! Working overtime is par for the course when you are building your career. The sooner you can accept that, and embrace it, the faster you will advance your career.

The perfect mix of knowledge, positivity, and willingness to work your butt off is key to gaining the attention of your manager. Take these 5 action steps and, the next time an opportunity for a promotion presents itself, you will be more than ready!

Lastly, don’t forget the most important part. Ask. Simply ask for the promotion. It will be crazy tough to say no to you because you’re such an outstanding employee.

3 Things You Must Do Before Starting Your Job Search

If you are sending out job applications in droves, without a single call back, you need to read this.

It may seem that hiring managers and recruiters simply allow your resume to fall into the deep dark hole of nothingness; however, that may not be the case. There is a chance that you were shortlisted for the position, and then the unthinkable happened. The hiring manager Googled you.

Avoid being “dumped before the first date” because of your online persona. Complete this 3 must-dos before you start blasting your resume out.

1. Lock down your Facebook profile.

Holy Toledo, I cannot stress how important it is to keep your personal life private. If your credentials look like a fit at first glance, the hiring manager will put your name on that Facebook search bar faster than you can say “jäger bomb.” That is not a good thing for you if your profile has anything remotely related to being a college frat brat. Yes, hiring managers are legally allowed to creep your Facebook profile. Yes, they are legally allowed to make hiring judgments based on what they see.

Working as a headhunter, I recall reading the resume of a guy who looked like a fantastic sales candidate for my client. Of course, my next step was to search him on Facebook. Turns out my “rockstar candidate” was a complete misogynist who didn’t have any positive things to say about anyone. His offensive memes were proudly posted publicly. If I could see this, it meant that my client could see this, and their customers could see this. There was NO WAY my client would pay me a generous fee for presenting this imbecile to them.

So – what can you do? Facebook has an excellent feature where you can view your profile from the perspective of the general public. You should regularly check your online profile the same way a hiring manager would! Take some time to comb through all photos, past posts, groups, interests, etc. Put everything to “Friends Only” or delete any unflattering posts. It’s okay – we all have content out there from 2007 that isn’t so flattering. Delete it, and forget about it.

2. Have an active LinkedIn profile.

Have you ever heard the term “social proof”? It’s an important one, so pay attention. Social proof is a business marketing term. If you think this isn’t relevant, think again. You need to think of yourself, and your skill set, as a business. Social proof happens when we believe that the actions of others are the correct behavior. Here is an example: You are deciding between 2 restaurants for dinner tonight. They each have a 4-star rating on Yelp, but only one of them has three reviews that say the service is terrific, the food is, and the ambiance is lovely. That one restaurant also has a Facebook page with 1200 followers, and they are actively posting. Social proof says that you will choose this restaurant over the one with a lesser online presence. You pick it because other people like it. You go there because it’s now the safer bet. The same goes for authorities who are seeking the perfect hire. We want the candidate who is visible online. The one who has a secure network, peer endorsements, stellar recommendations and possibly some personal or professional connections in common. A good hiring manager will always try to find you on LinkedIn. If you aren’t there, you likely aren’t getting a call. Invest in your LinkedIn profile.

3. Google yourself.

This exercise can either be fun, or incredibly frightening. Maybe even a crazy mix of the two, depending on the crazy life you’ve led (wink, wink).

If you Google your name and your Myspace profile comes up on the first page, you may want to put a plan in place for strengthening your online presence. You want to ensure that the content coming up on Google’s first page is relevant and current. Relevant means career or even volunteer related or anything that speaks to your stellar skills and fantastic character.

Next up, go to the Google Images and Videos tabs and make sure all is well there. Sweating yet? This task may be an uncomfortable one, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t have anything “out there” that is embarrassing, socially incriminating or career paralyzing. With your search engine creeping, don’t stop browsing at page one. Sometimes you will find the craziest content on pages six or higher.

Finally, set up a Google alert on your name. Today, more than ever, it’s imperative that you manage your online reputation on a regular basis.

Your Resume: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Your resume is one of the most vital tools needed to land a job interview. It’s a very personal statement highlighting your experience and your brand, which makes it difficult for people to believe that someone else would be better at telling their own story than they would be themselves.

Writing a professional resume that will eventually reach a hiring manager’s desk is both a science and an art, which needs a level of expertise that a professional resume writer can provide to optimize your chances of getting in front of an employer.

If you aren’t getting anywhere with your current resume, here are some things to consider:

Applicant Tracking Systems.

Most people are not aware that their resume is going to be parsed by computer software before it has a chance to be looked at by an actual person. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is designed to examine large volumes of resumes to save a company time and money by eliminating non-qualified applicants.

It looks for the right match of positive keywords, negative keywords, and other specifics on a resume as they relate to the job description and specific skills and experience needed for the position. While ATS software isn’t perfect, it’s getting smarter all the time and can be a significant roadblock if your resume isn’t the ideal match to make it through. Did you know that some ATS will even reject because they cannot read certain fonts?

The Art of Creating a Resume. 

Creating a resume isn’t just listing all your experience haphazardly and expecting an employer to jump at the chance to interview you. You may be the perfect fit for a role, but an unorganized resume that isn’t appealing to read can get you pushed into the “trash” pile even after you make it through the ATS.

Professional resume writers understand what formats work best for specific industries, the appropriate length that your resume should be in accordance to your experience, and where things should be listed on your resume to get an employer’s attention.

If you cannot grab an employer’s attention, within the first 6 seconds, you can already say goodbye to an interview. Also, typos, poor grammar, and formatting issues are all factors that can ruin your chances.

The overall appeal and quality of your resume (or lack of) can be an indicator of how seriously you take yourself and your work. Whether that sounds fair or not, your resume is the first impression to an employer and needs to be an excellent one.

Being Objective and Collaborative.

One of the most significant benefits of using a professional resume writer is that they do it for a living, and they know how to be objective while being a bridge between you and an interview.

They understand how to highlight facts on your resume that are not only important but might be points you never thought to include. Let’s face it, it is hard to write about yourself, and having an outside opinion and second set of eyes will take your resume to the next level.

A great professional resume writer will collaborate with you, ask questions about your experience and career goals, while also explaining the reasoning behind how they craft your resume to gain optimal results.

A great resume writer doesn’t work for you; they work with you.

Deciding if it’s worth it, and what to do next.

If you’ve been out of work for a while or are just searching for a better position and not having luck with your current resume, then the answer is yes –  you need to hire a pro.

A strong resume will open doors for your career and give you confidence in your job search. It’s also important to find the right person or service which to hire. Do some research, look for someone with previous success and feedback that has a proven track record.

If you’re interested in hiring Renovate My Resume, we start with a set of 24 discovery questions in the form of an intake questionnaire. These discovery questions help us to quickly, and thoroughly, get to know you and your career goals.

Add the services you’d like to your cart and we will have your completed documents to you within 5 business days.

Peace, love, and job search success!

Rachelle Enns

Founder; Renovate My Resume